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Which federal laws protect workers

Which federal laws protect workers

By on Jan 15, 2016 in Employment Law, Trust in Law |

In the 20th century a sequence of main laws for workers are introduced. People in America depend on those laws to this day. Today, the Sector of labor applies about 180 employee’s protection laws.
Here are some of the most important laws that are offered to employees:

1. The Minimum salary

American employees obtain a minimum salary for their work.Information about laws for useful resource here. From 2009,the majority of privately owned and public employers are paying their workers at least 7.25$ per hour. Also, the law protects minors. Children which have under 16 years have limited number of working hours, and it is forbidden the employment of children under 18 years on hazardous work places.

2. Security on work

The body of laws produced a number of certain safety provisions, workplaces that are clearly risky for workers are forbidden.
Most employees are protected, only freelance individuals and those who work on small family farms are excused from the law.

3. Health insurance

Law is passed in 2010. It demands that companies, which have 50 or more permanently employees, propose a minimal level of health insurance or they will pay a significant punishment. Permanently employed worker is employee who works at least 30 hours a week.

4. Social protection

1935. is signed the Social Security Act. This law protect people who stopped working and handicapped Americans with the economic security net. Nowadays, more than 59 millions of people obtain social safety checks every month – meaning that amount of this check is $ 1,294 for pensioners, and $ 1146 for people with disabilities.

5. A law that protects people who have lost their jobs

Every country has unemployment insurance organization. When people unexpectedly lose their job, they get permission to obtain a certain sum of money from their state. To get permission for payment, people must be unemployed because of reasons which are outside of their power, for example – got fired. Usually this payment lasts 26 weeks, but sometimes payments can be prolonged. In Las Vegas there are  many violations concerning the protection of workers, and most of the work have the  U.S.A. is not so magnanimous like some European states, but and Americans are secured if they lost their job at least few months.

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